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I occasionally write elsewhere and also sometimes pop up to ramble about autism in unexpected places. I thought I should start keeping track of all that, and might as well do so here!

Are You Autistic?

The Channel 4 documentary aired on 28th March 2018 and doesn’t seem to be available online anymore, but some of the promo we did is below! You can also find Sam and I on Facebook here – and if you’re organising something you’d like us to be involved in, contact info is on the About page!

Other media


  • Channel 5 News (18/03/20) – A Skype interview in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic on the impact on mental health in autistic people.
  • Channel 5 News (17/04/19) – I talk about Ambitious about Autism’s Include Autism toolkit for youth groups alongside Kieran Nicholl and Alison Worsley.
  • Channel 5 News (20/11/18) – Following Anne Hegerty’s open discussion of being autistic in the I’m A Celebrity… jungle, Sam Ahern and I talk about the importance of visible autistic women!

Podcasts and radio

  • Extraordinary Brains, Episode 3 (16/05/21) – I spoke to Max and Tess Davie about growing up neurodivergent, keeping events accessible after lockdown, and the possible negative side-effects of turning off the sun. But mostly the neurodiversity thing.
  • Galactic Yo-Yo, Episode Ninety Six (20/02/20) – Molly Marsh (who got this finished and out the same night we recorded!) and I discuss The Haunting of Villa Diodati, the then-new episode of Doctor Who. Featuring ghosts, Cybermen, RuthDoc, toilets and the Tsuranga extended universe…
  • Galactic Yo-Yo, Episode Sixty Six (11/02/19) – Having suddenly ended up on a podcast about unpopular Doctor Who opinions, I ramble about what I love in the Series 6 two-parter The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People for the best part of an hour.
  • 1800 Seconds on Autism – What are you ‘obsessed’ with? (04/12/18, BBC) – I got to enthuse about Doctor Who and the London Underground for this autistic-led podcast. Featuring a surprise for any other Every Tube Station Song fans…
  • Reasons to be Cheerful – Valuing Neurodiversity: how society needs to change (03/12/18) – In this podcast I discussed neurodiversity and how to build a more accepting society with Ed Miliband, Geoff Lloyd and Penny Andrews, and it was very surreal.
  • The World Tonight (29/5/18, BBC Radio 4) – Playing the role of “autistic visitor” in a report on the Museum of London’s efforts to be more accessible.

Online video


Blogs and articles elsewhere


Doctor Who

Most of these are for the Oxford Doctor Who Society fanzine The Tides of Timehere’s a full list of all their online issues.

Know Your Normal

Back in 2017, I was involved in this autistic-led campaign to improve recognition and services for autistic people’s mental health, and enough of the material is online that it gets its own section on this thing: